The Niroflex® 2000 Range of Chain Mesh Gloves is constructed of Ultra hygienic stainless steel with silicone reinforced Cuffs. There is no contamination risk and they are quick and easy to clean/sterilise.

Due to the advanced design of the Gloves they have no removeable parts and no straps, buckles, or press studs with adjustable closing or universal arm fitting, therefore offering improved safety.

Niroflex Glove

Niroflex with 7.5cm Extended Cuff


The construction of the Gloves also makes them cost effective to repair.

The Niroflex® 2000 Range is available in: Hand only, 7.5cm long cuff, 15cm long cuff, 22cm long cuff and full glove to shoulder.




Niroflex with 22cm Extended Cuff


Niroflex Full Arm Glove

We also provide a full repair service for all Chain Mesh Gloves and Aprons.
GIS is the Sole Distributor of The Niroflex Range in the United Kingdom.